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Private Labeling

CEK offers its entire regional infrastructure to meet the needs of our  clients in regards to the mass production of chemical products. We have experience working in this field with reputable companies such as: Pfizer, Mennen (prior to its acquisition by Colgate Palmolive), 3M, among others.

In addition, we also manufacture formulations for U.S. companies that sell their products in the region through CEK. These companies are Carroll Company, Anderson Chemical Company, and Athea Laboratories, Inc.

COSTA RICA (506) 2545-2545
GUATEMALA (502) 2427-0444
PANAMA (507) 261-8331 / (507) 261-8373
EL SALVADOR (503) 2510-1600
NICARAGUA (505) 2240-1248/ (505) 2251-5082
HONDURAS (504) 2561-8400