About Us

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Who is CEK

CEK is a Central American company that has always delivered solutions for cleaning, disinfecting and maintenance to industrial and institutional markets in the region. CEK has a manufacturing plant in Costa Rica and sales infrastructure and logistics in all countries of Central America, Panama and Belize, which is clearly a competitive advantage.

The solutions offered by our company are aimed at providing added value to our customers through an appropriate combination of products and services, which translate into benefits reflected in the profit and loss statements. At CEK, we work with the main purpose of reducing operational costs and improving the efficiency of our clients.

The segments that CEK serves include Electric Workshops, Food Manufacturing Plants,  Wastewater, Steam Generation, Kitchens and Industrial Laundries, Hotel Rooms and Baths, among others. To achieve this, at CEK we rely on our most valuable asset: the quality of our products. These products are marketed using the recognized brand known as Kem ® and others like Kemtreet ®, Cerfact ® or Madison Bionics ®, which are protected, in their various forms, as trademarks in all countries where CEK operates. A fundamental part of the philosophy of CEK and implicit in our concept of quality is our commitment to environmental protection; many of our products are classified as "green" and have been certified for biodegradability by qualified institutions in the field.




COSTA RICA (506) 2545-2545
GUATEMALA (502) 2427-0444
PANAMA (507) 261-8331 / (507) 261-8373
EL SALVADOR (503) 2510-1600
NICARAGUA (505) 2240-1248/ (505) 2251-5082
HONDURAS (504) 2561-8400